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    TEL: +86-571-86617638  FAX: +86-571-86618654

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    Add: 9899# Hongshiwu road, Linjiang Industrial Park, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China

    P.C.: 311228

    TEL: 0086-571-86617638 (Switchboard)

    FAX: 0086-571-86618654

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    E-mail: ls@longshanchemical.com

    Foreign Trade Url:www.dragon-chempharm.com

    About us

    Hangzhou Longshan Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive chemical enterprise, whose main products are soda, ammonia chloride and thin nitric acid. As a Key Industrial Enterprise in Hangzhou, it is one of the earliest small-scale nitrogen fertilizer plants and soda plants, and also is the biggest production base of soda, ammonia chloride, thin nitric acid and nitrate.

    For better development, Zhejiang Longhua Holding Ltd. was established in 2007, including 6 subsidiaries located in Huangshan Anhui, Yixinjiangsu, Yuhang economic development zone, Hangzhou and so on.

    The Headquarters is located in Linjiang Industrial Park, Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou city, covering the area of 793.2 mu. It has over 20 products, including 5 series products of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates. Soda, as the leading product, has acquired 1/3 Zhejiang market share. Besides, ammonia chloride and Thin Nitric Acid hold over 1/2 zhejiang market share.

    Jiangfan Brand and Zhijiang Brand are our company's registered trademarks, with its respective brand products, Jiangfan soda and Zhijiang ammonia chloride, wining the title of high-quality products. Zhijiang brand was assessed as "Hangzhou Famous Brand" in 2005 and "Zhejiang Famous Brand" in 2009.

    The leading products of soda and ammonia chloride are assessed as "Hangzhou Famous Brand Products" and Zhejiang Famous Brand Products". Our company has been graded for years the title of "Hangzhou AAA-Grade Credit Enterprise", of "Hangzhou Labour Model Community" and of "Hangzhou Advanced Enterprise Establishing Harmonious Labour Relations".

    In 2006, the company has been rated as "Hangzhou Demonstrative Industrial Enterprise in Information System Application". In December 2008, it was awarded the title of "High and New Technology Enterprise". In 2010, it was approved by Education Ministry as the Teaching Base for Zhejiang Industrial University in "Outstanding Engineers Education Plan".

    Since the May of 2010, when the whole company finished its relocation to Linjiang Industrial Park, Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou city, the facilities enhanced and whole strength has been increasing. Under the trend of economic globalization, we increasingly feel the need of "cooperative development for mutual advancement". With great enthusiasm, considerate service and infinite opportunities, we sincerely hope for buiness cooperations with you.